Keeping your car as long as possible is ideal since cars are expensive, and buying a new one can be a hassle. It makes much more sense to take care of the one you have and extend its life as much as possible. Just like a person can stay healthy well into their retirement years so can a vehicle— it’s all about taking the right precautions.  Here are some of the best tips for making your car live a longer life. 

Clean Your Car 


Believe it or not, the dirt and grime that your car accumulates does more than make it look less appealing. It can actually start to create harmful buildup that can affect the lifespan of your car. Remember, if you hope to resell your vehicle in one day, you’ll need to make sure that it’s doing well on the inside and outside.  It’s especially important to be careful about bird poop. Leaving bird poop on your car for too long could eat away at the car’s paint resulting in expensive damage. 


Take it In to Be Serviced Regularly 


One of the best ways to keep your car in great shape is to service it regularly. Don’t neglect your car by skipping those crucial visits to the mechanic. Always stick to the recommended servicing schedule, and keep it well maintained. Not only will your car be much more efficient, but you’ll keep it in better shape which will help you resell it at the best possible price. 


Take Action on Problems Right Away 


A common mistake is letting problems persist. If you start to notice something acting up in your car, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible. The longer you let something go, the worse it could get. It can be a nuisance to take your car to the mechanic when you have places to go, however, the cost can be significantly lower if you catch a problem early on than letting it get worse and worse.  If you sense that something’s up, don’t ignore the signs. 


Check Your Oil 


Oil is one of the most important things for your vehicle, and yet one of the most neglected things on a car owner’s checklist. Make sure that you check your oil regularly, to ensure that you have the right levels. On that note, make sure that you’re using high-quality oil and not the cheap stuff sold on the bottom shelf. 

Even though it may seem like there’s not a big difference, there certainly is. Cheaper oil can be full of harsher ingredients that can be rough on the engine. Ask your mechanic for a brand they recommend if you’re not sure which one to buy. 


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